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You may well have seen the young people of today busily texting on their Web Book devices and portable telephones.  Fortunately we have been able to collect a number of text acronyms and have decoded them for use by the farming community:

  • OMG – Organic Mushroom Farming
  • WTF – Where’s The Fertilizer?
  • LMAO – Left My Axe Outside
  • LOL – Lots Of Lettuce
  • DTF – Down The Farm
  • WYD – Weed Your Dandelions
  • BRB – Better Results than Borlaug
  • TBH – This Bountiful Harvest
  • SMH – Share My Harvest
  • BTW – Bring The Wheelbarrow
  • ILY – Increased Land Yield
  • BS – Big Snail

Now we can all rest easy as we know what these young folk are actually talking about.