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I am pleased to be a member of BASE UK.  The acronym stands for Biodiversity, Agriculture, Soil & Environment.

BASE UK comprises farmers and individuals interested in conservation agriculture.  It runs parallel to an innovative and influential group originating in Brittany 10 years ago which now has some 1,000  members.

Conservation agriculture is principally concerned with carbon management in soil and has these three main principles:

  1. Minimal soil disturbance
  2. Residue cover over soil
  3. Rotations

The principal aim of BASE UK is to allow members to share their experiences and collective knowledge of conservation agriculture with their colleagues.  In addition the organisation hopes to organise farm visits to see examples of conservation agriculture in action.

Monies raised from membership subscriptions go towards funding speakers at meetings and in the long term will provide funding for trial work in conservation agriculture.

At a meeting in North Yorkshire last December, 44 BASE UK members heard Dr Johnathon Lundgren give an enlightening talk about his time working for the United States Department of Agriculture as an entomological research scientist.

His work included the study of the harmful effects of pesticides and the pollution of the rangelands.  The findings were not welcomed by his employers and he subsequently left the Department, using crowd funding to purchase a ranch in South Dakota where he continues his research.  

For details of future meetings and news of the group, including how to join, take a look at their website: