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I read recently that the government has been accused of failing British farmers following its publication of revised no-deal tariffs earlier this month.

It means that certain imported foods will have tariffs levelled at zero or a minimal figure whilst British exports will be hard hit, especially in the EU.

Website quoted some examples. The tariff on cheddar cheese exported to the EU would be 57% whilst those importing into the UK would pay just 7%.

Similarly for fresh or chilled beef carcasses, exports to the EU can expect a tariff of 70% while those imported would attract a tariff of 37%. Significantly, however, the first 124,000 tonnes will have no tariff at all.

As well as our farmers suffering financially, there is the added threat that such imported food may have been produced under standards and conditions that would be illegal in the UK.

The National Farmers Union (NFU) was quoted as saying the government has ‘severely undermined’ the farming industry and ‘missed a real opportunity’ to back UK farmers.