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With over 35 years experience of working with Land Owners and Farmers in and around Gloucestershire, King Agriculture know how important it is to work your land effectively and efficiently. 

And as such, we work closely with everyone involved in working the land with innovative and progressive farming techniques to maximise yields and profitablility.


We own 'state of the art' machinery which is vital for progressive farming techniques and we have over 35 years experience.  So, it stands to reason that by pairing our experience and machinery with Land Owners and Farmers, together we can maximise yields and therefore, profit.

We have a range of Farming Agreements that are flexible and tailormade to suit you and your farm's requirements. 


Types of Farming Agreements


Farm Business Tenancies

This type of farm agreement is made with landowners, who will contribute their land with an agreed level of operating capital and managment.  Our contribution will include labour, capital and management input.  The extent of both contributions are subject to individual agreement terms.


Share Farming

With this type of mutually beneficial agreement, our respective businesses remain separate but we agree to farm a certain area of land and we agree who is responsible for all aspects of management and detailing who is entitled to output.


Contract Farming

This agreement is a joint venture whereby the land owner provides the land and buildings and we contribute the labour and machinery.


Joint Ventures

These types of agreement are based on the sharing of resources, including land, machinery and management expertise.  This type of agreement reduces the level of capital outlay for the Land Owner or Farmer and is tailormade specifically between the 2 parties.


Stubble to Stubble

This agreement provides all the services from King Agriculture, from  the initial establishment to eventual harvest, all at an agreed fixed rate per acre for the year.


So, if you're thinking about how to maximise your yields and profits from your Land or Farm, then speak to us at King Agriculture about our Farm Agreements.  Our aim is to be an innovative and progressive agricultural business helping people achieve a more sustainable farming future.  Please don't hesitate to call us on 07860 302841 or take a look at our website