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At King Agriculture we offer a contract wood chipping service that allows us to turn low grade virgin timber into quality, sustainable wood chip, either for use in biomass boilers, as equestrian surfaces or for composting. Wood chippings have many uses, especially in gardening. You can use them as soil amendments or garden mulch. Wood chippings are also used as animal bedding and biomass fuel. They are also great for mulching material in biogas production systems and landscaping projects.

Soil amendment
Using wood chippings as a soil amendment is a good way to improve the structure and fertility of your soil. Firstly, the coarse texture of wood chippings helps to improve drainage by creating air pockets within the soil. This allows for better aeration and water retention, which can be beneficial for plants struggling with low-lying water tables or poor drainage. Secondly, wood chippings contain high levels of organic matter that are valuable nutrients for your plants. They also tend to be acidic in nature, which helps boost pH levels in soils lacking in alkaline nutrients (which most do).

Garden mulch
Woodchips are a great material to use as mulch. They help retain moisture in the soil and suppress weed growth, making them an effective choice for any garden. Woodchips should be used sparingly and only on top of a thick layer of garden soil—too much woodchip can actually cause problems because it will compact down into the soil, which is not good for drainage. Woodchip mulches with a diameter of 5cm (2") or less work best in gardens; they're small enough that they won't get soggy when wet but large enough that they'll stay together after being raked up during weeding sessions. If you want to be extra careful about preventing compaction, opt for tree pruning’s rather than sawdust or shavings: these materials tend to break down faster than sawdust or shavings would have done had they remained whole pieces rather than shredded into tiny particles by lawnmowers and electric planers (the tools used to make most kinds of wood chippings).

Animal bedding
When used as animal bedding, wood chippings are ideal for livestock. They're not dusty and can be used in a barn or shed. Wood chippings are also light enough to handle easily, so they're easy to spread out on the floor of your animals' living quarters. They're also highly absorbent and help keep the air inside a building moist. This helps prevent mould from growing on walls and ceilings and makes cleaning easier as well. Wood chippings have many uses in a farm setting as well: they can be added to compost heaps; mixed with sawdust for use as firelighters; or used as fodder (dried) for horses and other animals when mixed with bran or sugar beet pulp

Biomass fuel
Woodchips can be used as biomass fuel, which is a renewable energy source. Woodchips are collected from trees that have been felled during sustainable forestry operations. These chips are ground down and compressed into pellets that look like large rabbit droppings (truly).
These woodchips can be used to power boilers and generate electricity, or they can be fed into gasification processes.

Mulching material for biogas production
The lignin in wood is an excellent source of carbon and can therefore be used as a feedstock for biogas production. Woodchips are also a good mulch material for gardening and landscaping, because they protect the soil underneath them from erosion, retain moisture in the ground (which helps prevent plants from drying out), and reduce weed growth.

Garden landscaping
There are various uses for wood chippings in garden landscaping for example;
● Use wood chippings as a mulch in the garden.
● Wood chippings can be used as a mulch under trees and shrubs if you want to create an instant woodland effect.
● Because they are small, wood chips don't compact like other materials, so you won't need to replace them as often (they will decompose over time).


We’ve shown you how wood chippings can be used for multiple purposes if you wish to find out more about our services please do get in touch with Jo or Philip on 07732 403434