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From 2021, the government plans to phase out direct payments to farmers throughout England with them disappearing completely by 2027.

In the short term, this will almost certainly put pressure on farming systems financially. We have already seen the rising cost of machinery which is only likely to continue once we leave the EU.

Working together with farmers, King Agricultural can reduce the burden of machinery investments, where perhaps it is becoming more unsustainable for smaller farms to do so. King Agriculture can help you to spread the cost of machinery across many acres, giving you as the farmer access to more up to date equipment, better efficiency and no depreciation or maintenance costs regardless of your acreage. In this way, you can keep your establishment costs low and fixed.

By 2027, rather than direct payments, the new system will see farmers paid for ‘public goods’, such as better air and water quality, soil health and higher animal welfare standards.

At King Agriculture one of our core focuses is improving soil health on the farms we manage. With conservation agriculture, we are already helping others to set up their farms for the future ‘public goods’ payment system.

Why not let our experience and range of specialist machinery help you get your farm set up for the future.

To find out more about conservation agriculture follow the link or give us a call on 07732 403 434.